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Montax – Montana Taxpayers Association

Delivering education and advocacy to Montana taxpayers for over 100 years.

Representing businesses across industries

Our goals are aligned with our taxpayers’ goals

The Montana Taxpayers Association is focused on finding solutions for equitable taxation and fiscal policy in Montana and proving its standing as a reputable source of non-partisan, common sense ideas on the subject of state taxation.

Our members represent businesses and trade associations both large and small from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, energy, utilities, telecommunications, healthcare and natural resources.

We strive to:

Promote a tax climate for both individuals and businesses that is competitive with other states.

Encourage equitable solutions to tax issues that benefit all taxpayers.

Support an accountable, efficient government at all levels that meets Montanans; needs for well-managed services and programs.

Provide high-quality resources to support a well-informed public dialogue on tax and public expenditure issues.

Advocate public policies that make sense for a healthy and growing Montana.


We’re the trusted source for Montana tax policy information

MonTax is the most trusted resource for nonpartisan tax and government spending information.

We connect our members and others with the right people and the right resources in our organization to best answer their questions. By offering our high-quality resources, we support a well-informed public dialogue on tax and public expenditure issues.


We’re The Voice Of Montana Taxpayers In The State Legislature

As the voice for taxpaying businesses and individuals in the state, the Montana Taxpayers Association monitors state legislative activity and works on both the state and national levels to promote good tax policy.

We support or oppose tax policy issues while educating legislators on the workings of the tax systems in Montana from our — and taxpayers’ — perspective, ensuring that state agencies are not the only source of information. When necessary, we will propose legislation, but we are typically serving as either proponents or opponents of bills brought by legislators or agencies.

We lobby and actively participate in all legislative sessions. During the interim, we monitor meetings, administrative rule hearings and committees related to taxation and government expenditures. We also bring stakeholders together to discuss and obtain their input on tax issues as we prepare for the next session

Our members count on us to serve as their watchdog as well as their connection for information during the legislative process. We maintain ongoing communications with the state administration and the Department of Revenue to ensure our members’ concerns are addressed. At our Annual Meeting, and in our newsletter, we provide updates on what’s going on in the legislature. 

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